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Jan 16, 2022

Introducing the Tidel TR400: Breaking New Ground for Retail Cash Recycling

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Image of Tidel TR400 Recycler with Speed, Capacity, and Configurability for large retailers.
Get an Unparalleled Combination of Speed, Capacity and Configurability with the Tidel TR400 Cash Recycler

In the retail world of today, driving operational efficiencies and minimizing redundant, manual and costly processes are no longer a luxury. These have become critical success factors that, if done right, can set a retail organization on a path to sustained competitive advantage.

Automating cash handling is one way a retailer can gain a competitive edge. Cash automation done the right way can have a measurable effect on how the store optimally deploys its labor, reduces third-party fees, and facilitates an environment based on higher levels of efficiency, accuracy and transparency.

A cash recycler is a key component of a retailer’s overall cash automation strategy, and the TR400 cash recycler from Tidel is ready to play a key role in this initiative.

The TR400 has been specifically designed to provide retail organizations with the features needed to reliably and affordably automate cash-handling processes. The TR400 is setting a new standard for price performance, making the overall business case of a cash recycler substantially more compelling.

Beneficial Features of the Tidel TR400

The TR400 cash recycler provides an ideal mix of features that make it a leading cash recycler option for retailers, including:

Where speed matters, the TR400 delivers. Capable of processing notes at a rate of 10 notes per second, the TR400 provides an ideal solution for cash-intensive businesses where speed of transactions is critical.

To help minimize replenishment occurrences and third-party CIT fees, the TR400 supports a capacity of up to 14,250 notes.

The TR400 offers five note cassettes, each of which can be configured as a deposit or recycle cassette or as a mix of each. The recycle cassettes can also be split, which enables each cassette to recycle two note denominations, providing the configurability needed to support a wide spectrum of cash-management applications.

When functionality meets state-of-the-art design, true efficiency happens. The TR400 sports an ergonomic design with a built-in 15” touchscreen, multiple interface options and convenient access to note cassettes. Other design features include a fingerprint reader, optional facial camera and a barcode scanner. Engineered with an optimized footprint and ergonomic design in mind, the TR400 can be easily deployed within a variety of retail environments.

To help alleviate security concerns, a UL291 Level 1/CEN L safe with an optional vibration alarm helps promote a secure transaction environment, and biometric authentication enables a higher level of secure authentication. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for cash tracing and tracking records the serial numbers of processed notes to help assist with account reconciliation and fraud deterrence.

Enterprise-Level Software
The TR400 leverages a proprietary software platform developed in-house by Tidel’s team of advanced software engineers. The resulting TR Series software platform offers a friendly user interface that accelerates the start and end of shift process. The TR software platform is common across all Tidel TR recyclers, allowing customers to standardize on one solution. The TR Series software provides unmatched ease of use, flexibility, integration, customization and ease of training. Tidel also offers robust remote support, maximizing uptime and performance.

Discover Speed, Capacity and Configurability with the TR400
An ideal combination of speed, capacity and configurability, as well as an attention to security and design, allow the TR400 to provide an unparalleled retail cash recycling experience at a price point attractive enough to serve operations of any scale. The price performance ratio the TR400 offers is simply unparalleled, and the TR400 stands ready to take on the most challenging of retail cash-management processes today.

For more information on how the TR400 can support your business, visit tidel.com today, email sales@tidel.com or call 972-484-3358.


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