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Tidel Financial Services

Tidel Financial Services provides leasing and asset financing options for Tidel cash management systems. Tidel Financial Services offers a variety of asset financing options that will enable you to pay for Tidel systems from the revenues that they will generate (or save) for you once they are installed in your place of business.

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Multiple Leasing Options

Whether you choose to capitalize your asset acquisition or treat it as a pure operational expense, Tidel Financial Services offers a complete portfolio to address your specific business requirements.

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Improved Cash Flow

By making fixed monthly payments, you can pay for Tidel systems with the improved cash flow they generate for your business.

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Flexible Financing Terms

We offer a wide selection of financing terms and rates, allowing you to choose a lease term that best suits your business needs.

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Expedient Approval Process

In most cases Tidel Financial Services can approve equipment lease financing by receiving a completed credit application.

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