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Tidel D4e Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser

The Tidel Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser, when paired with a Tidel D4e, is designed for retail organizations that have a need to dispense notes and coins in high volume, leveraging one integrated system. The Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser offers coin and flat note dispensing in any quantity. Coins are dispensed into individual cups, and the note dispenser is capable of managing up to 4 cassettes of notes.

  • Flat note dispenser has up to 4 cassettes; each cassette holds up to 500 notes
  • Note dispensing at 1 note per second
  • 6 coin hoppers; each hopper can hold: 1,300 (25¢), 3,400 (10¢), 1,700 (5¢) and 2,600 (1¢)
  • Dispenses 8 coins per second per hopper
  • All bulk coin and note dispense transactions are completely auditable and managed by individual user PIN
  • Buy Change function supports exchange of large notes or smaller notes/coins
  • One touch start-of-shift change fund for both coins and notes
  • Audible alarm in vault door
  • System connectivity via data cables (provided with system)

The integrated note dispenser enables secure and accountable dispensing of larger volumes of flat notes for start-of-shift till amounts, cash back on debit cards, check cashing, lottery payout and quick replenishment of till funds. The coin dispensing system can dispense variable amounts of presorted coins at the touch of a button. Each coin and note dispensed is counted and accounted for by individual cashier using the PIN-based touchscreen and/or iButton data key system.

The Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser supports 6 coin hoppers, with each hopper capable of dispensing up to 8 coins per second. The coins are dispensed into individual cups for easy handling. The note dispenser holds up to 4 cassettes, with each cassette holding up to 500 notes.

Weight & Dimensions
Weight:  495 lbs. (225 kg) – Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser Only
Weight:  644 lbs. (293 kg) – With Tidel D4e
Height:  30.75″ (781 mm)
Width:  21” (534 mm) – Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser Only
Width:  33.25″ (845 mm) – With Tidel D4e
Depth:  19″ (483 mm) – Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser Only
Depth:  23″ (584 mm) – With Tidel D4e

Power Requirements
120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz

1 Year Parts and 90 Days Labor (Inside the US)
1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)

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