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Tidel D3 Single Coin Acceptor

The Tidel D3 smart safe enables retailers to securely deposit their cash throughout their business day. When equipped with the Single Coin Acceptor module, retailers now have the ability to deposit individual coins into a secure coin receptacle, allowing for a fast and convenient way to deposit coins whenever required. The Single Coin Acceptor module provides an easy to use interface for the depositing of coin and also comes equipped with a return button in the event a coin is placed into the deposit slot yet doesn’t get recognized. All note and coin deposits are recorded, enabling complete transparency and auditability for all cash transactions.

  • Single coin acceptor module
  • 7” color console
  • Power supply and main CPU board accessible via the console
  • One note validator – single or bulk note feed
  • Support for one standard (1,200 note) or XL (2,250 note) cassette
  • Individual slot for manual drops
  • Removable note validator head
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or iButton allows managed access to functions, reports, and instant access
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • RoHS Compliant/CE, UL Certified

The Single Coin Acceptor module provides retailers with a convenient way to facilitate reconciliations down to the individual coin level.

The Tidel D3 offers an expansive software suite that provides a complete cash management application with full accountability and auditability of all system activity. The Tidel D3 can easily connect to a store’s network – via Ethernet or cellular – enabling full visibility to all system transactions from a remote location. The Tidel D3 offers an easy to use 7-inch color console and comes equipped with one single or bulk note validator, supports one standard (1,200 note) or XL (2,250 note) cassette, and offers an optional manual storage vaultfor non-cash items such as checks.

The Tidel D3 serviceability is extremely efficient and cost-effective. The main CPU board and power supply are easily accessible via the system console, making service calls faster, more secure, and less expensive. The Tidel D3 note validator can be easily removed to clear a note jam, without the need for an expensive service call.

Weight & Dimensions
Weight: 162 lbs. (73 kg)
Height:  27.75″ (705 mm)
Width:  15.6″ (396 mm)
Depth:  24.38” (619 mm) – Vault Only
Depth:  28.13” (714 mm) – Overall

Power Requirements
120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz

1 Year Parts and 90 Days Labor (Inside the US)
1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)

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