Tidel R4000 Cash Recycler

The Tidel R4000 has been designed to provide retail organizations with the right combination of speed, capacity, and configurability, making it the ideal choice for retail organizations that have a need to automate and streamline their cash management processes, make better use of their store labor, and reduce third party fees.

  • Recycle denominations: Up to 6
  • Note recycle capacity: 14,250 notes
  • Note deposit capacity: 2,850 notes
  • Note deposit speed: 10 notes/second
  • Note dispense speed: 10 notes/second
  • Can be paired with a variety of peripherals, including Tidel coin recyclers
  • Remote Management
  • NFC reader and Barcode reader
  • Remote bill upgrades
  • Nationwide service network
  • Web-based store and management reporting
  • iButton for CIT access
  • Integrated printer
  • Touch screen interface
  • Error recovery videos
  • System status dashboards

Integrated Design
Sporting a built-in 15” touchscreen, multiple interface options, and convenient access to the note cassettes, the Tidel R4000 has been designed with an optimized footprint and ergonomic design, enabling it to be easily deployed within numerous retail environments.

Note Processing Speed and Capacity
The Tidel R4000 is capable of processing notes at a rate of 10 notes per second, making it an ideal solution or cash-intensive businesses where speed of transactions is critical.  The Tidel R4000 also supports a capacity of up to 14,250 notes, which helps minimize replenishment occurrences and third party CIT fees.

Enhanced Security
The Tidel R4000 offers a UL291 Level 1/CEN L safe in addition to a separate, access controlled vault for the note cassettes, which helps promote a more secure transaction environment.  The Tidel R4000 also offers biometric authentication, enabling a higher level of secure authentication.

Cassette Configurability
The Tidel R4000 offers 5 note cassettes, each of which can be configured as a deposit or recycle cassette, offering unmatched flexibility for dynamic cash environments.  In addition, each recycle cassette can be configured in a split cassette format, which enables one physical cassette to recycle two different note denominations.  This level of configurability enables the Tidel R4000 to support up to 6 note denominations per system.

Multiple Interface Options
The Tidel R4000 offers a multitude of interface options, including a 15” integrated touchscreen, fingerprint reader, NFC reader, and a barcode scanner, offering organizations the broadest suite of options in which to interact with the system.

Weight & Dimensions
Weight: 1,093 lbs (496 kg)
Height: 55.9” (1,420 mm)
Width: 18.5” (470 mm)
Depth: 46.7” (1,186 mm)

Power Requirements
120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz

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Tidel Software

At the heart of Tidel cash recyclers is the software solution that powers them. The software is expansive, easy to use, and completely adaptable to any user environment. Tidel cash recycler software has been designed to operate any Tidel note or coin recycling system, enabling commonality for all Tidel cash recycling solutions you may deploy at your store. With a plug and play design, Tidel note recyclers can interoperate with a suite of Tidel coin recyclers that can be purchased after the initial system has been set up, meaning that customers can easily scale their currency processing requirements as their needs change over time. A common software platform allows our customers to save time and money, while opening up new opportunities for usability, maintenance, and upgradeability.

Tidel cash recycler software simplifies the process of managing users, assigning permissions, running reports, and managing cash balances. The software also offers a status bar that provides a dashboard-like status of all system components, allowing for proactive engagement when needed. The software also enables remote access capability, so authorized parties can perform necessary maintenance, or assist with troubleshooting, if required.


With the Tidel cash recyclers, customers have access to the widest range of note and coin recyclers in the industry, covering the broadest spectrum of performance and capacity requirements, all powered by one common, easy to use software platform.

Tidel Cash Recyclers

Recycling Systems

Tidel R4000 + C2000

The Tidel R4000, when combined with the Tidel C2000 coin recycler,  offers integrated note and coin recycling, with a coin processing speed of up to 500 coins per minute.  The Tidel R4000 is an ideal solution for environments with multiple tills and a desire to automate start and end of shift processes.

Tidel R4000 + C3000

The Tidel R4000 + C3000 cash recycling system offers the highest capacity coin recycling in the industry today.  Capable of processing up to 3,000 coins per minute with support of up to 4 coin denominations, each of the coin hoppers in the Tidel C3000 coin recycler can hold in excess of a full Fed bag of coin, which can have a substantial impact on store efficiencies and costs. The Tidel R4000 + C3000 provides the highest level of speed and scale for today’s coin heavy environments.

Optional Drop Vaults

The Tidel recycler drop vaults provide a secure and convenient way to perform manual currency drops whenever required. The Tidel recycler drop vaults are offered in two different styles – a standard size drop vault and a larger drop vault that offers an additional storage compartment. This storage compartment enables secure storage of items such as paper rolls, coin bags or other accessories.

Each drop vault, as well as the additional storage compartment, requires biometric access, offering additional levels of security and convenience. The recycler drop vaults easily connect to Tidel note recyclers via the provided data cable.

Recycler Drop Vault with Storage
Recycler Drop Vault

Rolled Coin Dispensing

The Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser, powered by the Tidel R4000, offers a convenient way to dispense rolled coin on demand, using a secure and auditable process. Equipped with up to 8 coin magazines, the Tidel Rolled Coin Dispenser is an ideal solution for convenience stores, supermarkets, big box retail, or other high volume cash environments.

The Rolled Coin Dispenser offers a convenient way for an organization to store and dispense rolled coin whenever needed, representing a complimentary addition to a store’s daily cash operations. Dispensing rolled coin on demand minimizes the frequency, and therefore the expense, of third-party deliveries of rolled coin.

Rolled Coin Dispensing

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