SafePay RC2000

SafePay is a smart recycling system that secures cash from the checkout to the back office.  SafePay’s closed loop system provides enhanced security to store personnel, all while maximizing accuracy and accountability for all cash transactions throughout the day.  SafePay’s unique design enables it to be deployed in multiple points within a store, providing cash automation where it is needed the most.

Efficient Cash Automation
With SafePay, cash handling by store employees is substantially reduced and potentially eliminated, resulting in faster reconciliations, reduced discrepancies, and labor that can be reallocated to more important store tasks

Enhanced Security
SafePay minimizes cash exposure in the store, reducing cash shrink and providing greater security at the till

Multiple Deployment Scenarios
SafePay has been designed to easily integrate into a self-checkout, assisted self-checkout, or cashier-facing terminal, offering unmatched use case flexibility and ROI


Assisted Self-Checkout

Cashier-Facing Terminal

  • Recycle denominations: Up to 8
  • Note recycle capacity: 490 notes with rear loading cassette
  • Note deposit capacity: Up to 500 notes
  • Note deposit speed: 1 notes/second
  • Note dispense speed: 1 notes/second
  • Rear loading cassette for increased recycle capacity for small denomination notes
  • Front deposit cassette compatible with back office cash deposit system (CDS) for complete closed loop cash management
  • Note recycler flexibility with cassette-based or sealed-bag based deposit capability
  • Remote Management
  • Simplified self-service maintenance
  • Multiple system configurations and deployment scenarios

SafePay secures and automates cash transactions at point of sale. With its small footprint and modular design, SafePay can easily integrate into a self-checkout, assisted self-checkout, or a cashier-facing payment terminal, offering unmatched use case flexibility for a wide range of retail environments.

Closed Loop Cash Management
SafePay cash deposits can be collected into a secure cassette or into a thermally sealed plastic bag – preventing access to cash at any time, thus enabling an effective closed loop cash management process 

Multiple Deployment Scenarios
SafePay has been designed to fit under a counter, enabling it to easily integrate as a self-checkout solution, assisted self-checkout solution, or cashier- facing payment terminal

System Reporting and Monitoring
SafePay offers the intelligence required to be a component of a comprehensive cash management dashboard, point-of-sale system, or remote service monitoring tool

Streamlined System Maintenance
SafePay has been architected in such a way to enable plug and play replacement of key components as well as remote problem resolution via its software platform

Weight & Dimensions

SafePay R2000 Note Recycler – Cassette Version
Weight:  117 lbs. (53 kg)
Height:  29” (737 mm)
Width:  8.3″ (210 mm)
Depth:  18.8″ (478 mm)

SafePay R2000 Note Recycler – Sealed Bag Version
Weight:  180 lbs. (82 kg)
Height:  33” (838 mm)
Width:  10.6″ (269 mm)
Depth:  22.5″ (571 mm)

SafePay R2000 Coin Recycler
Weight:  99 lbs. (45 kg)
Height:  51.8” (1,316 mm)
Width:  17.7″ (449 mm)
Depth:  5.1″ (129 mm)

SafePay C3000 Coin Recycler
Weight:  141 lbs. (64 kg)
Height:  28” (711 mm)
Width:  8.25″ (209 mm)
Depth:  13.5″ (343 mm)

Power Requirements
120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz

1 Year Parts and 90 Days Labor (Inside the US)
1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)

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